Attn:  Are you stuck at home, laid off, feeling cooped up and concerned for your future in these uncertain times?

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How Will This Moment In History Define You?

You may be laid off.  You may be cooped up at home.  You may be working from home.  You may be worried about your futures.  Your business may have shut its doors.  You may be worried if you still have a job after this...

Whatever situation you're in, this is a moment in history.  A moment in the history of the world, and your life.  Doesn't make you reflect when it's put that way?  It sure does for me. This . . . right now . . . is a massive moment in history

Hey. Mike here.

I know these are uncertain times.  Scary for many,  But one thing I know for sure is that we will come out of this at some point.  This will be a transitional point for the world.  I hope it will be a transitional point for you too.

I hope at the end of all this you will reflect on your life.  Will your life be where you want it to be?  Will you be doing what you love?  Will you be spending more time doing what matters, with those that matter?

This is an emotional crossroad many in my company were in before current events.  Now we're all just in a literal crossroad in life.

Like one of the newest agents on the team, Lori.  She had years of corporate experience.  Was an executive.  A mother.  She was a person who'd experienced life and wasn't satisfied.

So she left the high paying corporate world to join my team.  That was about 6 months ago and she’s now a top agent making six-figures. On her own terms. Being her own boss.
And none of the current events are slowing her down.
Is that a rare case? Nope. Just the one of the more recent success story. There are literally dozens of others like her on our team here at Michael Perna Real Estate.
You can be the next Lori. And there is no more perfect time than now.
Instead of being stuck at home, a victim of current events. You could apply for a Real Estate Scholarship and be a licensed Realtor by the time this is all over and hit the ground running in a wildly exciting new economy.
Apply now for a Real Estate Scholarship with Michael Perna Real Estate.
Please apply urgently, as we can only accept about 10 applicants a month.)
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You Might Consider A Career
In Real Estate If...

  • You have to wake up for the wrong reasons in life.
  • ​Your life has become stagnant.
  • ​Your morning commute fills you with road rage.
  • ​You can't stand another one of those meetings.
  • ​Or, you look forward to those meetings to break the mind numbing monotony.
  • ​​Do your limited vacation days have to be approved?
  • ​​Are you happy only getting the minimum 3% raise every year?
  • ​Are your time and hours are controlled and monitored?
  • Do you know you're capable of more?
  • ​Is your work / life balanced?
  • ​Are you itching to make something of yourself?
  • ​Would you be happy doing the same thing you're doing now in 5 years from?
  • ​Do you make the income you deserve?
  • ​Are you at a turning point in your life?
  • ​Do you KNOW there's more out there for you?
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I WANT to put the right people through real estate school. 

Think you're a fit for our family?

We do real estate differently, and that includes how we hire.
Just 2 simple steps. Let's start with some basic info.


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⚠️ WAIT! ⚠️

Let's make sure this is right for you

Michael Perna Real Estate

will be your DREAM career move if...

  • You want to look forward to work each morning.
  • ​Closing 25-30+ deals a year sounds like a dream.
  • ​You are eager for financial freedom.
  • ​You're a team player.
  • ​An uncapped income sounds like a limitless sky.
  • ​You follow through with commitments.
  • ​You're ready to open the door when opportunity knocks.
  • ​You enjoy mastering your job, rather than being a jack-of-all trades.
  • ​You enjoy simplicity.
  • ​You enjoy challenges with big rewards.
  • ​You don't want to stress over running a business.
  • ​You like to work with people and showing homes.
  • ​You like to see your hard work literally pay off with a high income.
  • ​You embrace personal growth.
  • ​You're committed to success.

M Real Estate

and the Scholarship is NOT for you if...
  • A career in real estate is something you're just considering at the moment.
  • ​You don't tend to follow through with commitments.
  • ​You like to take excessive time off.
  • ​You're only looking for part-time work, or to be a part-time agent.
  • ​You over indulge in night-life and too many lazy weekends.
  • ​You're not a team player and pride yourself as a lone wolf.
  • ​You don't enjoy harder work for a bigger payoff.
  • ​You'd rather sit on your couch and binge watch shows evenings and weekends.
  • ​You'd trade effort for ease and prefer jobs with little responsibility and okay pay.
If a Real Estate Scholarship would change your life, please apply now! We have limited scholarships available and receive a high amount of applicants. Reserved for only the most committed and appropriate applicants.

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