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Grosse Pointe, Michigan is an affluent community sitting next to Lake St. Clair, offering a beautiful mix of small-town charm and suburban sophistication. Its beautifully preserved, historical architecture intermingles with modern conveniences, providing a range of property options from luxurious waterfront homes to traditional single-family houses. With top-notch schools, thriving local businesses and tight knit community feel, Grosse Pointe is a great place to live. Enjoy lush parks, family-friendly amenities, and easy access to downtown Detroit, making it perfect for both peaceful living and exciting city exploration. Experience the charm of Grosse Pointe and find your perfect home here.

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Welcome to Grosse Pointe

Grosse Pointe, a picturesque and historic enclave hidden away on the scenic shoes of Lake St. Clair is southeastern Michigan, is respected for its striking beauty, and rich history. This captivating city encapsulates the idea of small-town charm with its cozy, quaint neighborhoods, impressive schools, green parks, and high-end recreational activities facilities, setting the stage for an elevated quality of life and robust sense of community that sets it apart.

A stunning array of architectural styles are available in Grosse Pointe, featuring a broad spectrum from Victorian and Tudor to Colonial. These homes, many of which are architectural masterpieces crafted by local architects, are often-times impeccably maintained, reflecting the city's dedication to preserving its aesthetic appeal. The housing landscape in Grosse Pointe is diverse, offering something for everyone. From single-family homes in leafy neighborhoods, spacious apartments with stunning views, to luxury condos within walking distance of amenities, there's a residence to match every lifestyle.

Grosse Pointe's commitment to conservation and preservation shines through its robust efforts in maintaining its historic character and nurturing its natural beauty. The city is dotted with an abundance of lush parks and green spaces that offer tranquil escapes with its boundaries. As well, the city's dedication to community engagement is evident in its wide array of recreational programs and events designed for its residents of all ages. Grosse Pointe is widely recognized as one of the best suburbs of Detroit to raise a family.

Homes For Sale in Grosse Pointe, MI

A defining feature of Grosse Pointe's real estate landscape is the abundance of historic homes. These magnificent properties, many of which were constructed in the early 1900's, epitomize vintage elegance. Each home narrates a distinct story through its classic architectural accents, such as striking brick facades, sweeping staircases, and intricately detailed moldings, ensuring a home experience unlike many others.

As well, the prime location of these homes add to their allure. A significant number of properties enjoy expansive lots with breathtaking views of Lake St. Clair, offering a blissful retreat for water enthusiasts or those who appreciate peaceful, scenic views. Adjacent communities, such as Grosse Pointe Farms, are home to spectacular estates overlooking lush greenways of the renowned Country Club of Detroit, promising a lifestyle marked by both luxury and leisure. 

Mid-range homes in Grosse Pointe, ideal for families and those who entertain frequently, offer ample outdoor spaces with well-kept front and backyards. Other desirable attributes of these homes include attached garages, finished basements, gourmet kitchens adorned with granite countertops, cozy living rooms with welcoming fireplaces, and spacious bedrooms offering plenty of personal space.

Whether you're drawn to the charm of a snug bungalow or the grandeur of an expansive estate, Grosse Pointe's real estate portfolio guarantees a home that aligns with your preferences and budget. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Grosse Pointe and discover the wealth of possibilities this picturesque waterfront community has in store for you.

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Local Lifestyle in Grosse Pointe

A favorite among water lovers and elite professionals, this family-focused neighborhood radiates a sense of community and prosperity. Exceptional schools cater to the educational needs of its young residents, while upscale housing options provide comfortable living spaces that blend sophistication and elegance. Stability and affluence underscore Grosse Pointe's distinct character, reinforcing its reputation as a coveted residential area.

Grosse Pointe's laid-back ambiance has inspired the creation of prestigious private clubs, serving as hubs for leisure and recreation. Hidden away within the upscale district of Grosse Pointe Farms is the renowned Country Club of Detroit. This prestigious club offers a mix of top-tier amenities including a classic championship golf course, world-class tennis facilities, and other top-notch features that cater to those with an affiliation for an active, yet refined lifestyle.

Another gem in Grosse Pointe's crown of leisure options is the Lochmoor Country Club. Perfectly located in the hear of the suburb, it offers a sprawling golf course and a range of other amenities that elevates the club experience for its privileged members.

Near the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Vernier Road, you'll find the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, a premier watersports facility. This prominent venue is favorite among sailing enthusiasts and those who relish water-based activities, providing a relaxing aquatic getaway.

For horse lovers, Grosse Pointe Equestrian offers a refined haven. Hosting an impressive number of stables and horses, this club stands out among suburban equestrian clubs, affirming Grosse Pointe's dedication to a variety of leisure pursuits. It provides horse lovers with a dedicated community and first-rate facilities, cementing Grosse Pointe's reputation as a suburb that truly has something for everyone.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Brimming with a variety of entertainment opportunities, Grosse Pointe offers residents and visitors a palette of cultural and leisure experiences. From multiple state-of-the-art movie theatres and lively music venues to enriching museums, there's no shortage of engaging activities. For those seeking an exciting nightlife, the city showcases an array of bars and restaurants, catering to different tastes and moods. Whether you fancy a peaceful evening at home or a lively night out, Grosse Pointe promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Dining options in Grosse Pointe are plentiful and diverse, presenting an assortment of gastronomic options. The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, a popular dining spot, offers a fantastic menu in a serene lakeside setting. Other culinary gems include the Bronze Door, Luxe, and Cafe Nini - offering something for everyone.

Grosse Pointe also offers an array of local-owned boutique and specialty shops that line the city's streets. The friendly store owners and staff enhance the shopping experience, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is quintessential Grosse Pointe. Here, you'll find a mix of unique gifts and artisanal products, making each shopping excursion an adventure. In addition, the city boasts an impressive selection of gourmet food and beverage outlets, amplifying its reputation as a destination for both food enthusiasts and fashion lovers. 

Things to Do in Grosse Pointe

Golf aficionados will find their haven in Grosse Pointe, as the city is home to multiple world-class golf courses and country clubs - many of which are mentioned above. These lush green spaces offer an escape from the city's energy and an opportunity for peaceful, leisurely activity. If a slower pace of life is your preference, a plethora of parks and stables offer a relaxing retreat, allowing you to enjoy a quiet ride through nature.

Grosse Pointe also offers several public parks, with Grosse Pointe Park standing as the largest in the area. This comprehensive recreational area features a playground for younger visitors, a refreshing swimming pool, tennis courts for sport enthusiasts, and inviting picnic spots for family outings. Adding to its historical significance, Grosse Pointe Park houses the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, a site of remembrance and respect. 

The city's cultural offerings are equally appealing, with popular attractions like the Grosse Pointe Theatre, an institution for performing arts, the Grosse Pointe Museum, a custodian of local history, and the Grosse Pointe Art Center, showcasing local artistic talent. The city's annual event roster includes the always-fun Grosse Pointe Winter Festival, the melodious Grosse Pointe Chamber Music Festival, and the spirited Grosse Pointe Street Fair, each bringing celebration of local culture and community.

Schools in Grosse Pointe, MI

Grosse Pointe is renowned for its exceptional education system, hosting many outstanding schools that cater to various age groups and educational needs. Some of the leading institutions that underscore the city's commitment to academic excellence include:

  • Grosse Pointe South High School, a public high school which serves grades 8-12.

  • Grosse Pointe North High School; a public high school serving grades 9-12.

  • Lewis Maire Elementary School; a public high school serving grades K-5.

  • University Liggett School; with a nationally recognized curriculum, athletics, and arts offerings, this private school serves learners in preschool through to K-12. 

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