The Perna Team Best Buyer Guarantee


THE BEST Home Buyer Protection Plan in Metro Detroit.


Buying a home under the best circumstances is both exciting and can be stressful.  It's a huge decision and you literally have to live with it!  Whether you're purchasing one of our listings through another agent or you're working with one of our meticulously trained home buyer specialists . . . . we have your back.

When you buy a home through the Michael Perna Real Estate Team, we'll do whatever it takes to help you find the perfect home - one you'll be happy with for years to come.  Our training and experience and numerous unique systems allow us to quickly zero in on exactly what you're looking for, even if it's not on the MLS (ask us about our 8 point off market home finding plan!)

But know this: If you find you're LESS than completely happy with your home purchase we'e not leaving you alone.  We stand by our representation and your decision you're not in love with your home and either Buy it Back, or Sell it For Free:

THE DETAILS (and I really mean the savings):

Guaranteed Offer: We will make a cash written offer on your home, allowing you to move forward in buying your next home using our team without a contingency on selling your current one.

Zero Listing Commission:  Waived.  That simple.  We'll sell your home and to be completely transparent, make it up on the purchase.  Our goal is NOT to own your home, but to sell it for the most money!  The Perna Team will work to solicit the best offer and terms possible, and if it's better than our Guaranteed Offer, you get the higher price.

No Fee Mortgage:  We have two NO CLOSING FEE mortgage partners, saving you thousands.  Even if you used a different lender on your first purchase, they'll honor the NO FEE commitment. 

NO Title Closing Fee: Our title partner will waive the closing fee (and provide the title policy at the lowest state mandated price allowed)

Insurance: This is were we shine for years to come, and frankly I'd call for a second opinion anyway.  We had over 150 clients use our insurance partner in 2019 saving an average of $722 per year! 

Movers: We have a 25% off moving discount we 2 moving companies should you need them.  

 We've worked every partnership and relationship to provide an array of White Glove Companies at as close to a zero cost to help get you from the home you're not happy with to the home you love.  We feel it is our duty, our responsibility, to work as hard as possible to save you literally thousands of dollars to help get you into the home you love.

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