What Is Keller Williams Mega Relief?

Keller Williams has committed to raising over $20 million to help hurricane survivors back on track, but it’s not enough. Found out what you can do to help the community.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused over 200 BILLION DOLLARS in damage. In Houston over 80% of homes do not have flood insurance. Last week thousands of Keller Williams Agents (myself included) and 3 dozen supply packed 18 wheelers poured into the Houston area, while hundreds of Keller Williams Agents rushed to Florida with a dozen 18 wheelers full of supplies. Now that the media has moved on, WE CANNOT. Fighting mold, causing heat and humidity that week, we fought against time in mucking out houses, sadly removing personal items, as well as drywall, carpet, cabinetry and more. In addition, we packed and brought in over 10,000 meals, sheltered hundreds of evacuates, and more.

There is more work to be done and more dollars needed to do it. The Perna Team and Keller Williams is committed to raising 20 million that will go directly to these two disasters. Alone it won't solve all the problems, however, just a little bit of help from everyone can.

To date, The Perna Team has raised $156,000 and counting.

Generosity is greatly needed in these desperate times.

Please click the KW Cares link below to learn more about KW and Perna Team relief efforts. Also, there's a spot to donate direct should you choose.  Every dollar counts and we're in this as Americans together.



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