Top 5 Credit Cards in 2022

There are many credit card options available in today's market. We all get bombarded with them on a weekly, if not daily basis when getting the mail. However, not all credit cards are created equally.

Building a solid credit score and credit history is an absolute necessity for anyone planning on making a large purchase such as a home or vehicle, assuming they do not have a stack of cash laying around. 

Unfortunately these lessons are often not taught in school, so many young people just starting out, or people trying to rebuild their credit have difficulty deciding what route to take to achieve this.

The following cards are not just excellent choices for beginners, but for anyone looking for a credit card with great returns on cash back, among other bounses.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at our Top 5 Credit Card recommendations for 2022. 

#1 Discover It

My number one recommendation for beginners is the Discover It Cash Back Credit Card. This is a great card for someone just starting out on building their credit for a couple of different reasons. One, there is no annual fee, so you pay nothing out of pocket for having it. Also, this card comes with an up to 5% cash back in rewards and Discover will match you dollar for dollar on your cash back in your first year.

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#2 Petal 2 Visa

Next up is the Petal 2 Visa Card. Like Discover It, there is no annual fee and you do receive some cash back rewards. However, instead of using your credit history, they base your approval off of your cash-worthiness, so you are more likely to qualify for this card if you have little to no credit history. This card has zero fees attached, but if you are late on your payment it will have a negative effect on your credit score.

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#3 Amazon Visa

I frequently use my number three pick, being the Amazon Visa Card. The main benefits of this card is that you again get up to 5% cash back (you must be a Prime member to receive full benefits) on purchases through Amazon and Whole Foods, as well as 2% back on purchases through restaurants and gas stations. If you have Prime you can also receive up to 10% back or more on select products. Other benefits include travel protection, rental car protection, and no annual or foreign transaction fees.

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#4 Chase Freedom Flex

For the Chase Freedom Flex Card you do need at least an average credit score to qualify. This card comes with a slew of benefits including a $200 bonus if you spend $500 on purchases within the first 90 days, 5% cash back on gas station purchases on up to $6,000 spent in the first year, no annual fee, and 0% APR for the first 15 months for purchases and balance transfers. So if you already have a card with a high APR that you owe money on, you can transfer that balance to the Chase Freedom Flex and work on paying it down interest free.

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#5 Citi Double Cash Back

My personal favorite of the list is the Citi Double Cash Back because you get 2% on absolutely everything and there is no annual fee. There are no categories or special purchases to worry about. The only downside to this card is that you have to be in good standing with all current creditors and have a credit score of 640 or above to apply.

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It’s super important to make sure that all of your monthly payments are made on time, as this comprises 35% of your total credit score. I recommend having 2 to 3 credit cards so you build a solid credit history with more than one creditor, which is what most all mortgage lenders are looking for. 

Honorable Mention - Fingerhut Credit Card

If you have less than great credit, I recommend the Fingerhut Credit Card. This is a secured card with high approval odds. They report monthly to all three credit bureaus, so it can help get your credit back in good standing quickly. There are a couple of drawbacks including a high APR, so making your monthly payments on time is critical. You can also only use this card through Fingerhut where most items are a bit overpriced compared to in store.

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Whatever card you may choose, be diligent in your research before making a decision and compare your top few choices to see which card offers you the best benefits and best fits your lifestyle.  



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