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Star Wars Quotes Michael Perna Real Estate The Perna TeamStar Wars Quotes Michael Perna Real Estate The Perna Team

 Don't Feed the Ewoks

I remember as a kid, lazy Saturday afternoon summers, my mother, as so many did at the time, chasing us out of the house, on to our bikes and shooing us down the street in a way we can't with our kids today.  All the neighbors counted on to watch us.  It took a village, a village we had.  As the summer turned to fall, which tends to happen, leaves fall, the chill creeps up, bikes are ridden less and a few afternoons here are there, on particularly blustery days, those bikes traded for a TV, and on that tv? 

Star Wars.  

One of the few stories that could be picked up and put down at any point, both because we’ve seen it that many times & of course, George Lucas, started the story with episode IV.  It had all the elements

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Random Act of Kindness Changes Life of a Stranger

Ann Arbor Driver Gets $2,084 Tip For Delivering 1 Pizza

A pizza driver working for the Pizza House, an Ann Arbor favorite, had no idea what was coming his way from the order of a single pizza by a room of 250 hungry Keller Williams Agents.  These agents weren't hungry for pizza or breadsticks, they were hungry to make a difference in a life. 

Leading the charge, Matt Sutter made the call, and it went a little like this:  I would like 1 pizza delivered at exactly 2:20 pm at the Sheridan Hotel in Ann Arbor.  Robert Dunn the driver thought it was a little odd, but then people want their pizza when they want there pizza.

At 2:20 the pizza was delivered, with approximately 250 Keller Williams agents

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