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Here’s why there’s no reason to worry about an impending market crash.


Will the Real Estate Market Crash?

I have had a ton of questions along these lines in recent weeks, so I wanted to take a few minutes to take a good look at 3 reasons that it could, and 3 reasons why I don't foresee this happening.

Google has had a significant spike in the number of searches for "When will the real estate market crash," with a 2,400% increase over the last 30 days. This is definitely a topic on a lot of people's minds. There has also been a 350% increase in searches for "How much above asking price should I bid on a home". Most people seem to be very cognizant of the current real estate market, but I believe there is a certain amount of fear of the

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In 2020, our fall market will be much like past spring markets.



Fall is definitely the new spring market, as you’ll learn in our upcoming webinar on Saturday, September 12. We’ve seen the spring season extended and then extended again thanks to extremely low interest rates. It’s a fantastic time to get your home on the market and get it sold for top dollar.

The Google search terms “Sell my home,” “Sell my home fast,” and “I need to get out of my home” are being searched at a rate 46% higher than they were just six months ago. This means there is a ton of inventory about to come on the market, and we need to dig in to see when the best time to list yours is. I think inventory will double, and it might even double again. This could

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Supply is down and demand is up in our market this September.


Every year around September, the market tends to get a little sleepy, but is this still true for the market in 2019?

At the moment, it is for sellers. Over the first three weeks of August, inventory dropped 9.9%. In other words, one out of every 10 homes a buyer could choose from last month isn’t there anymore. Sellers aren’t bringing as many properties to the market, and I know exactly why. For one thing, they assume the buyers who weren’t able to move before the start of the school year are gone. Also, they assume most people don’t want to move during the winter.

The fact is, though, that money motivates. Interest rates have dropped significantly, and the Federal Reserve

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