Success Starts at the Bottom

Success is often loosely defined and typically dependant upon the party being referenced - being an individual, company, team, etc.

Here at The Perna Team we offer every possible resource in order to create a learning based environment developed to promote successful real estate agents. But, success truly begins at the bottom.

What this means is that our leadership only wins when the team wins. The team wins only when each individual wins. For each individual to win, we must strive to lift every team member up to promote their success working in real estate. Our amazing team culture reflects this approach through our one hand out, one hand back method. Essentially every teammate keeps one hand out being open to learning and advancing their skills, while at the same time offers one hand back to help those less experienced. This is just a small part of our training and culture in action.

Another part of our culture and training are quarterly Team Advance meetings where we gather to hone our skills, set goals with the individual strategies needed to achieve them, and learn new skills to better ourselves as a team and as individuals. We know that the better and happier we are as individuals outside of our work lives, the better we will perform for ourselves, clients and team when it comes to doing our jobs at a very high level.

We invite you to take a brief look into our recent Team Advance from February 22, 2022, with special guest Keith Pike. Keith is an all around rockstar in the real estate world (with over $2 BILLION in sales under his belt since 2015), coach to our own Leadership team, and just an all around awesome person.

To us, it doesn't matter where the knowledge comes from as long as we are able to continue our growth and knowledge to better serve the families we work with.

During this meeting we continued to learn the importance and impact of building relationships with the right people, building healthy habits such as cheering for yourself, and how to effectively manage stress. We shared wins and struggles with each other and how we were able to overcome those challenges. We talked about what it takes to make over six figures every year. We learned. We grew. And as always, we had a hell of a lot of fun in the process.

But our story isn't over yet. In fact, we're far from it. We will continue to grow, learn and serve even more families within the communities we love as the years conitune to pass. 

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