Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Detroit: Detroit, MI Affordable Living Guide
Detroit Most Affordable Neighborhoods

When moving to a major city, it is easy to fall for the idea that all neighborhoods in the city are exorbitantly expensive. Media like TV shows and movies often portray urban cities like there isn't room for affordable living, but that just isn't true—especially in Detroit. You do not have to live outside of Detroit in order to find affordable neighborhoods. In fact, we have found and listed five of the most affordable neighborhoods in Detroit that you can live in. From the convenience of getting to downtown and low monthly payments on your mortgage, you simply cannot go wrong living in one of these great Detroit neighborhoods.

Eliza Howell

Eliza Howell Amenities

  • Eliza Howell Park
  • Proximity to downtown Detroit
  • Proximity to the Rouge River
  • Access to major roads and freeways

The Eliza Howell neighborhood gets its name from Eliza Howell, a real estate developer who worked in Detroit at the turn of the century. In 1936, her family donated land to Detroit for it to be used as a public park. The park, as well as the neighborhood as a whole, took on Eliza Howell's name in her honor.

Eliza Howell is home to more than 1,300 residents and a handful of local-owned businesses. This neighborhood is in a convenient place due to its proximity to Jeffries Freeway and Telegraph Road, two major roads that are used for commuting.

The median home value in the Eliza Howell neighborhood is $49,927. This incredibly affordable neighborhood offers numerous single family homes. Most homes in the area have three bedrooms, one bathroom, and two stories. However, some homes do boast up to five bedrooms.

Eliza Howell Hotspots

Eliza Howell Shopping

Eliza Howell Nightlife

Chandler Park

Chandler Park Amenities

  • Proximity to I-94
  • Chandler Park
  • Wayne County Family Aquatic Center
  • Streets are easy to navigate

With just over 3,600 residents, Chandler Park is one of the most populated neighborhoods in this list. Chandler Park has been the subject of recent initiatives to revitalize the neighborhood, making it the perfect place to call home. There are plans to build athletic fields, community gardens, and walking and biking paths. Lots that are not used will be used to alleviate flooding issues that arise when stormwater overflows.

With a median home value of $34,403, Chandler Park is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Detroit. Most homes feature three bedrooms and one bathroom. This neighborhood offers a mix of two-story and ranches. A few of the residents in the area do have four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes.

Chandler Park Hotspots

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Boynton Amenities

  • Easy access to major freeways
  • Kemeny Park
  • Kemeny Recreation Center
  • Piwok Park
  • Proximity to schools

The neighborhood of Boynton is home to over 6,900 residents. This is the second-largest affordable neighborhood in all of Detroit. Additionally, it's the southernmost neighborhood in the city and one of only two neighborhoods south of the Rouge River. The neighborhood features easy access to most of the area's major freeways, which helps shave time off of morning and evening commutes.

With a median home value of $46,943, residents enjoy living in affordable single-family homes. There are several parks within Boynton for residents to enjoy freely, including Kemeny Park, which has its own recreation center with a pool and community events. Most homes in Boynton offer two to three bedrooms with a single bathroom.

Boynton Hotspots


Springwells Amenities

  • Variety of restaurants
  • Historic neighborhood
  • Easy access to parks
  • Easy access to I-75

Springwells is the largest affordable neighborhood in Detroit with nearly 17,000 residents. The neighborhood features numerous restaurants and parks for residents to enjoy. A number of areas in Springwells are registered historic landmarks. The rich history of the neighborhood combined with the numerous eateries bring residents and visitors alike into the community. It is not unusual to see lines wrapped around the block to grab lunch on a Saturday.

The neighborhood features a median home value of $43,577. Most of the homes available to residents are single family homes with multiple bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. The number of bedrooms range from three to five. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are built as two-story homes, though there are some single-story homes.

Springwells Hotspots


Michigan-Martin Amenities

  • Restaurants within walking distance
  • Located right off Michigan Ave
  • Saint Hedwig Park
  • Wingle Park

One of the smallest affordable neighborhoods in Detroit is Michigan-Martin with around 1,700 residents. The origins of the neighborhood's name cannot be confirmed, but it is believed the name is in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King. This small neighborhood is home to numerous restaurants that bring the community together over a good meal.

The median home value is $38,797, and most of the homes are single family homes with multiple bedrooms and one or two bathrooms. Some homes have three bedrooms, whereas others have as many as five bedrooms. Most homes in this neighborhood are two-story homes, but there are a few single-story homes throughout the neighborhood.

Michigan-Martin Hotspots

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Detroit Homes for Any Budget

The myth that cities only have expensive neighborhoods simply is not true. These affordable neighborhoods allow homeowners to enjoy low housing costs without giving up the big city's amenities. You can easily take the bus or train into Detroit and walk around your neighborhood to local shops. No matter your budget, it's possible to find a home in Detroit that fits those needs.

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