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What to Know About Driving in Detroit

Learning how to get around in a new area is equal parts exciting and intimidating. It can take some time to learn the best major roads to take, where to expect roundabouts, and how to navigate the unconventional road layout in the heart of Detroit. Taking time to study up on the best local tips and tricks can help with the challenge and lead to a more pleasant time out on the roads.

Get to Know Your Major Roads

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Getting around Detroit is generally easy because of the area's extensive toll-free highway system combined with the area's status as a major port city. The city is serviced by a number of interstates and US Highways. Many of the numbered roads also have formal names, such as I-75 also being known as Walter P. Chrysler

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Detroit Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Sales of luxury homes in the Detroit metro area quadrupled in the past year when compared to 10 years ago. The resurgence of the luxury home market is further indication of the recovery of Michigan's real estate market following the recession.

If you're planning a move to Detroit and are interested in acquiring a luxury residence, you may be thinking about the features you will be looking for in your new home. But it's equally important to learn about potential neighborhoods so that you can narrow it to those which have the location, architectural style, age, covenants, and other features that most closely fit your needs.

While Detroit has a number of high-end neighborhoods, they differ considerably.

Indian Village

Indian Village

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Best Neighborhoods in Detroit

With a sprawling metro area of 4.3 million people, Detroit is Michigan's largest city. Although this urban center earned the nickname "Motor City" for a reason, there's more to Detroit than the automobile industry. Detroit has a unique culture that is reflected everywhere from its music to its architecture.

Over the last 20 years, the city has undergone concerted efforts to revitalize and renovate many of its older neighborhoods, as well as its riverfront, historic performance venues, and other aging community buildings.

While choosing a neighborhood is a subjective process, there are certain areas of Detroit that stand out above the rest.


Corktown Amenities

  • Trendy hipster area
  • Industrial-Chic Bars
  • Great restaurants
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Moving to Detroit Relocation Guide

Detroit has a number of amenities that can make for a great experience. The community has an excellent entertainment scene with many great sports and theater options. It is also fairly easy to find inexpensive neighborhoods for people on a budget. Like many major cities in the US, Detroit sits near a body of water. The Detroit river is visible from downtown, and downtown Windsor, Ontario is visible across it. Residents can even visit Canada easily, if they have a passport.

This community embraces a wide variety of tastes and backgrounds, so everyone can find something they love. Here is everything you should know about relocating to the Motor City.

Table of Contents

  • Cost of Living in Detroit
  • Detroit Job Market
    • Largest Employers
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Can you smell it?! Fall is upon us, whether we want it to be or not.

And, as people living in the state of Michigan already know, few things compare to the fun-filled experience offered by the region's famous Cider Mills. After all, who wants to miss out on the pre-Thanksgiving tradition of having that hot cup of cider along with a caramel apple?

Many of Michigan's best cider mills have also been upgraded to fuse age-old traditions with contemporary expectations, ensuring that visitors have an all-inclusive recreational experience.

As a proud native, I can say with confidence that the metro Detroit area has some of the absolute best cider mills in the world. Period. (I have a lot of pride about where I live).

In fact, I'd say that

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Star Wars Quotes Michael Perna Real Estate The Perna TeamStar Wars Quotes Michael Perna Real Estate The Perna Team

 Don't Feed the Ewoks

I remember as a kid, lazy Saturday afternoon summers, my mother, as so many did at the time, chasing us out of the house, on to our bikes and shooing us down the street in a way we can't with our kids today.  All the neighbors counted on to watch us.  It took a village, a village we had.  As the summer turned to fall, which tends to happen, leaves fall, the chill creeps up, bikes are ridden less and a few afternoons here are there, on particularly blustery days, those bikes traded for a TV, and on that tv? 

Star Wars.  

One of the few stories that could be picked up and put down at any point, both because we’ve seen it that many times & of course, George Lucas, started the story with episode IV.  It had all the elements

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