3 Security Tips All Homeowners Should Know

3 Home Security Tips All Homeowners Should KnowAchieving home security happens in different ways. For some homeowners, it starts by making small lifestyle changes. For other homeowners, it starts when they install a home security system. Anyone who is concerned with their home's security and would like to make their home a safer place has options. Knowing which systems are best and what people can do to protect their home can help them increase their security in a big way.

Different Types of Home Security Systems

There are different types of home security systems that homeowners can install. Homeowners have their choice between DIY systems and professional home security systems.

Professional Home Security

Professional home security systems are installed by companies that monitor their client's home and check in on the home when the security system alerts them. Home security systems often involve a combination of alarms, coded doorways, and sometimes involve home security cameras.

Professional home security systems may require the homeowner to pay a fee for installation. Once the system is installed, the homeowner must pay a monthly fee to the company for the professional monitoring service.

DIY Home Security

DIY home security systems are typically made up of smart products that send alerts to the homeowner's phone. Often, homeowners use several products, such as motion-activated cameras, a video doorbell, and smart locks, all of which allow them to monitor their home 24/7 while they're away.

DIY home security systems have the benefit of being much more affordable than professional home security systems, as there's no monthly fee. However, DIY home security systems also require the homeowner to perform their own monitoring, which some homeowners don't enjoy. 

More Than One Way to Improve Security

There are many ways to improve home security, in addition to installing a home security system. Homeowners who want to keep their property safe can use these suggestions and decide for themselves what works best for them.

  • Plant shrubs. Shrubs planted beneath windows make it difficult for intruders to get close to a house.
  • Install motion-activated lights. Motion-activated lights outside the house prevent intruders from entering the property undetected.
  • Install lights on timers inside. Installing lights on timers creates the appearance that someone is home, even if they are not.

Keep a Safe Home With Safe Behaviors

Many homeowners can help keep their property safe by adopting safe behaviors. For example:

  • Avoid announcing long trips on social media.
  • Never leave product boxes for expensive items in the open on the curb.
  • Always lock doors and windows before leaving the home or going to sleep.

You Can Improve Your Home's Security

If you're a homeowner who would like to keep your house safe, one of the ways you can do this is by making small changes to your lifestyle. By doing things like installing motion-detected lights and working with a professional home security company, you can increase your home's overall safety.

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