Fall Is the New Spring

In 2020, our fall market will be much like past spring markets.


Fall is definitely the new spring market, as you’ll learn in our upcoming webinar on Saturday, September 12. We’ve seen the spring season extended and then extended again thanks to extremely low interest rates. It’s a fantastic time to get your home on the market and get it sold for top dollar.

The Google search terms “Sell my home,” “Sell my home fast,” and “I need to get out of my home” are being searched at a rate 46% higher than they were just six months ago. This means there is a ton of inventory about to come on the market, and we need to dig in to see when the best time to list yours is. I think inventory will double, and it might even double again. This could cause home prices to peak and start to dip.

It’s a fantastic time to get your home sold for top dollar.

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