Why Drive Times, Public Transportation, & Nearby Roads Are Important Factors When Buying a Home

What to Know About Drive Times At Your New HouseThose buying a home should consider commute times, drive times, and the proximity of the house to public transportation. Finding a house that is close to major services, a person's job, and public transportation can be very important. However, living close to major roadways sometimes isn't the best option. Knowing how to determine how close a house is to the closest businesses can help buyers decide whether the home they are interested in is right for them.

Consider Traffic to the Closest Businesses and Necessary Services

For home buyers who want to be close to the nearest grocery store, doctor, and hospital, knowing the traffic patterns in an area can be very helpful. Traffic patterns can fluctuate throughout the day, so a house that appears to be close to some businesses might still seem far away at times when traffic is heavy. Home buyers who want to know what traffic patterns are like in that area can find out by spending time driving the area on different days, including weekdays and weekends.

Home buyers who are not familiar with the traffic patterns in an area and who don't have time to explore various traffic patterns may be better off renting in the neighborhood, rather than buying right away. Spending time renting makes it easier for people to gain first-hand personal experience with traffic patterns, and thus decide whether that neighborhood is a good place to buy. It is also a much easier process to complete a lease agreement compared to the paperwork involved with buying a home. 

Drive Your Commute

Heavily residential areas can become congested with traffic on weekdays. Driving the commute in the morning before making an offer on a house can help the home buyer decide whether the commute time from that house would be reasonable.

Sometimes, the commute going home at night is longer than the commute in the mornings. A home buyer who wants to ensure that their commute will be reasonable should try driving back to the house in the evening before determining whether that commute is acceptable to them.

It's also important to remember that the major routes that most people take are not necessarily the only routes available to get to work in the morning. Many people can save minutes or even hours from their commute by finding new ways to get to work. By testing different routes, the home buyer can decide whether the commute from that house is reasonable.

Check Out Public Transportation

Public transportation is a major consideration when trying to buy a home that is far from the home buyer's workplace. Sometimes, time spent on public transportation is much easier and more relaxing than time spent in traffic, so home buyers who are worried about purchasing a house associated with a long commute time should check the nearby public transportation options. Riding the bus or a commuter train can make the experience of commuting more relaxing and worthwhile.

Proximity to Major Roads: Pros and Cons

Proximity to major roads can be an advantage (they're associated with shorter commute times), but it can also have disadvantages. For example, major roads can be loud and even dangerous for homeowners with small children and pets. When trying to decide to buy a house that is close to a major road, the home buyer should take note of the noise from the road. If the home is on the major roadway, it's also important to consider whether there is a fence in the yard, which could help keep children and pets safe.

Shop Around to Find Your Forever Home

Sometimes, it's challenging for home buyers to find a forever home. Buyers who want to purchase a house that offers a good commute but is also isolated from heavy traffic should shop around. Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent is also important and can help buyers more easily find their ideal home.

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