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The Perna Team was founded in 2000 by Michael Perna, and has grown into one of the largest and most successful Keller Williams teams in the world with over $97 Million in sales in 2014. Our dedicated team of agents serves clients all over Michigan, while our main hub is in Novi, MI. In our Novi hub, our administration, inside sales and key management direct the lead generation, marketing and transaction management that allow our agents to focus on what they got in the business to do…..sell real estate.

You’re doing it wrong.

This isn’t just for Realtors but all business owners & marketers, for the sake of this post I’ll use real estate as the example.

In marketing you are not the hero of the story, the clients are. And I see post after post that goes something like... Look I sold another home, I listed another home, etc., or I wrote a mortgage, or insert X widget or service.

I used to make that mistake constantly. I had so many posts on myself & sales going at one point my mother unfriended me on Facebook. Yep Momma P got tired of seeing her own son in her feed.

Here’s the framework to use and I’ll use one of my own clients as the example.

This person (the client, the Hero, Tim and Sarah fake names) has a problem. They have a child about…

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Good morning agents!   It has been a while since I've shared a new video or post! I'm sitting here this morning working on our 2016 Business Planning Meeting Outline for our meeting next week and saw a great Top Coach email featuring an info-graphic on how agents should spend or save their money.     If you know anything about me, I LOVE info-graphics and was very curious about what it had to say. I wanted to see if it was something great I could share with everyone. I thought it was a fantastic and simple way to guide the flow of income for Realtors. Here's a rendering of it here: infographic   To be honest, I thought it's effective, simple and quickly made it's point (although I would've chosen different verbiage for part of it).   With…

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Random Act of Kindness Changes Life of a Stranger

Ann Arbor Driver Gets $2,084 Tip For Delivering 1 Pizza

A pizza driver working for the Pizza House, an Ann Arbor favorite, had no idea what was coming his way from the order of a single pizza by a room of 250 hungry Keller Williams Agents.  These agents weren't hungry for pizza or breadsticks, they were hungry to make a difference in a life. 

Leading the charge, Matt Sutter made the call, and it went a little like this:  I would like 1 pizza delivered at exactly 2:20 pm at the Sheridan Hotel in Ann Arbor.  Robert Dunn the driver thought it was a little odd, but then people want their pizza when they want there pizza.

At 2:20 the pizza was delivered, with approximately 250 Keller Williams agents…

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