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2023 Was hard

This was the hardest year I can remember.  Both business and personally.  I survived and thrived through the crash of 2008.  Though 2020 where the unknown was literally staring us in the face.  But this was different.  I've been thinking about this for a while and my friend Chris Surarez wrote a fantastic article.  We're different in a lot of ways, but it's our Why that drives why the year was hard.  Mine is at the bottom.  In between are the lessons I've learned through 2023 that hopefully you can draw from too. 

1. Letting go of people is hard, but necessary.  

This year I had to let go of several relationships.  Not because I wanted to, but because it was necessary to keep to my true north. I've found that there are people that…

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As 2023 comes to a close, those living in Metro Detroit are immersed in a wave of excitement and anticipation. The region is gearing up to bid a vibrant farewell to the year and usher in 2024 with a rich tapestry of New Year's Eve celebrations. This period marks a time when the city's dynamic energy reaches its zenith, culminating in a night of festivities that truly reflect the spirited essence of Metro Detroit.

In moving to Metro Detroit, newcomers and residents alike are welcomed into a new era of celebration, characterized by an eclectic mix of events. From elegant black-tie affairs and lavish balls to spirited champagne toasts, the region offers a variety of ways to celebrate. Additionally, family-friendly events in the afternoon cater to all ages,…

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Living in Metro Detroit means embracing a dining scene that truly comes alive on New Year’s Eve, offering an array of experiences to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. The area's top restaurants are gearing up to host an evening of elegance and excitement, ranging from upscale seatings in the heart of Detroit to the playful and unique Barbie-themed event at Black Pearl in Ann Arbor. Each venue, with its distinct charm and culinary prowess, is preparing to provide locals and those considering moving to Metro Detroit with a memorable celebration. As 2024 approaches, these establishments stand ready to showcase the best of Metro Detroit's vibrant culinary landscape, ensuring a festive transition into the New Year.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, living in Metro Detroit in 2023 has offered a unique perspective on market trends and economic shifts, providing invaluable insights for both residents and those considering moving to Metro Detroit. From the unexpected resilience in home values, despite soaring interest rates, to the nuanced dynamics in the luxury home market and the significant role of FHA and VA loans, the year has been a testament to the region's adaptability and the importance of understanding local market nuances. This comprehensive analysis of the 11 predictions made for the real estate and financial markets of 2023 versus realities not only sheds light on the current state of the Metro Detroit real estate market but also offers a…

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2023 was a landmark year for music enthusiasts living in Metro Detroit, showcasing an array of stellar performances that set a high benchmark for live music in the area. The year was marked by unforgettable shows, including Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, Beyonce's Renaissance Tour, and the iconic two-night spectacle by Metallica during their M72 World Tour. Each of these events contributed to a year of concerts that many thought would be hard to surpass, creating an electrifying atmosphere for music lovers across the city.

However, those considering moving to Metro Detroit or already residing there have every reason to be excited for what 2024 has in store. The upcoming year promises to elevate the city's vibrant music scene even further, bringing a diverse mix…

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As the Christmas weekend descends upon the region, residents living in Metro Detroit are in for a delightful array of events, ensuring the holiday spirit remains vibrant and joyous. Despite the seasonal closings of numerous venues, the city is far from dormant. Enthusiasts of festive music can revel in the enchanting melodies of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a performance renowned for its electrifying blend of classical and rock elements, creating a holiday experience like no other. Additionally, the inaugural Holidays in Greektown event promises to be a spectacular new addition to the city's festive lineup. This celebration is set to transform the iconic neighborhood into a winter wonderland, replete with dazzling light displays that artfully combine…

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Detroit, a city once synonymous with the heart of American industrial might, and later urban decline, is now being celebrated as a global top travel destination. Now, for 2024, Detroit has been recognized by esteemed publications like AFAR and Condé Nast Traveler as a must-visit city. This recognition is a testament to Detroit's resilience and its ability to reinvent itself while preserving its rich history. Living in Metro Detroit has become synonymous with being part of a vibrant, evolving community, where the past and future coalesce to create a unique urban experience.


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A City Transformed

Detroit's journey from a struggling post-industrial city to a must-visit destination is nothing short of…

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As the new year dawns, Metro Detroit comes alive with an array of exciting events, offering a vibrant start to 2024 for both long-time residents and those newly moving to Metro Detroit. From the enchanting Harry Potter-themed Frame Dinners at Frame Bar in Hazel Park to the high-energy performances at Little Caesars Arena, January in Metro Detroit is brimming with opportunities to explore, enjoy, and engage. Whether you're a food enthusiast, a sports fanatic, or a lover of live entertainment, the region's diverse lineup promises something for everyone. Embrace the winter charm of Michigan by diving into these must-attend events, showcasing the dynamic spirit and rich culture of living in Metro Detroit.



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Michigan's winter landscape offers a unique blend of enchantment and serenity, best experienced through its variety of sleigh rides. For those living in Metro Detroit, this winter activity presents an opportunity to immerse in the magical tranquility of the season. Picture the scene: a crisp, sunny afternoon or an early evening, the air tinged with the chill of winter, as a traditional sleigh glides effortlessly through snowy trails. The experience is heightened by the peaceful stillness, punctuated only by the gentle sound of hooves trotting along wooded paths and through quiet forests. This serene journey encapsulates the essence of winter's charm, making it an ideal adventure to share with family and friends.

The appeal of Michigan's sleigh rides…

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In the charming city of Novi, Michigan, an enchanting winter wonderland has emerged, poised to captivate both residents and visitors. The Holiday Magic Spectacular transcends the ordinary, offering a captivating journey that embodies the essence of the holiday season. This year, the event aspires to make a historic mark by challenging the current Guinness World Record of 797 trees for the most illuminated Christmas trees. Featuring over 1,000 Christmas trees within an expansive 80,000 square feet area, this walk-through event stands a strong chance of achieving this remarkable feat. This ambitious endeavor is set to transform the landscape of Novi into a luminous festival of lights, offering a unique experience for those living in Metro Detroit.


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