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Livonia 101: Weighing the Pros & Cons of Living in Michigan's 6th Largest City 

Considering a move to the heart of Metro Detroit? Living in Livonia, Michigan offers an intriguing blend of advantages and challenges that make it a unique place to call home. From its strategic location that promises easy access to downtown Detroit and Ann Arbor, to its top-rated schools, excellent rec center, and ample events, Livonia has much to offer. However, like any city, it comes with its own set of drawbacks, such as traffic congestion and a lack of a vibrant downtown. This comprehensive article delves into the pros and cons of living in Livonia, Michigan, providing valuable insights for anyone contemplating making the move.



For those…

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Spooky Haunted Houses in Metro Detroit: Where Fear Meets Fun

Get ready for a spine-chilling adventure that will haunt your dreams! If you're living in Metro Detroit or even considering moving to Metro Detroit, you're in for a treat this Halloween season. From high-tech horrors to family-friendly frights, Metro Detroit is home to some of the most terrifying and unique haunted houses in the country. Don't miss out on the screams, the scares, and the unforgettable memories. Read on to discover which haunted attraction reigns supreme and why you need to add these spooky spots to your Halloween bucket list today!

Ah, the crisp autumn air, the rustle of fallen leaves, and the scent of pumpkin spice—yes, Halloween is upon us. But for thrill-seekers…

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Metro Detroit Concerts & Comedy | Your Guide to October 2023 Entertainment

Get ready for an electrifying October, Metro Detroit! Whether you're living in Metro Detroit or thinking about moving to Metro Detroit, this month is jam-packed with an incredible lineup of concerts and comedy shows that you won't want to miss. From indie vibes and classic rock legends to comedy giants, there's something for everyone. It's a month of non-stop entertainment that perfectly captures the vibrant culture and diverse tastes of our community. Mark your calendars, because this October is about to be unforgettable!


Ben Sharkey 

October 6 | Willis Show Bar

Starting us out with a local talent, Ben Sharkey will be gracing the stage at Willis Show…

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the perna team Fall Open House Extravaganza:

Your Guide to the Ultimate Metro Detroit Real Estate Event - All 50 Homes At The Bottom

Autumn in Metro Detroit has its own unique charm, and what better way to experience it than by exploring your future dream home? Welcome to the Fall Open House Extravaganza, an event hosted by some of the top real estate agents in the area, designed to give you an exclusive tour of the finest properties Metro Detroit has to offer.

What is the Fall Open House Extravaganza?

The Fall Open House Extravaganza is a spectacular event aimed at connecting potential homebuyers with their dream homes. Spanning over a weekend, the event showcases a range of houses across Metro Detroit, providing visitors the chance to tour…

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