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Welcome to Metro Detroit's Unwritten Rules - Video Below

Here, the secrets of Motor City living are revealed in this expertly curated list of unwritten rules, with a real estate twist. Through a combination of surveys, online forums, and local history and tradition, these insider tips are sure to amaze and entertain both long-time residents and newcomers alike. Get ready to discover the hidden gems and little-known quirks that make living in the Motor City truly unique.


Meijer Over Walmart

First things first: when it comes to one-stop shopping, Meijer is the way to go. Think Walmart, Kroger, and Michaels all rolled into one, with a friendly greeter at the door and reasonable prices to boot. The only downside, or upside depending on how…

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As February draws to a close, the real estate industry is abuzz with news of the second largest home price correction in the post World War Two era. The Case Shiller home price index data and a decline in mortgage applications have left investors and homebuyers alike wondering what their next move should be, as well as what impact the Fed's next moves will make on the stock market, jobs report, and the real estate industry as a whole.


The latest job report has brought an unexpected surprise, with the addition of 517,000 jobs, more than doubling the expected number of 187,000. This has resulted in the unemployment rate dropping to a record 3.4%, which is the lowest seen since 1969. According to the report, the top-gaining…

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If you’re considering moving to Michigan there are a number of things you should know before doing so. Some of the facts in this list are informational, while others are fun or just bizarre, but they’re all part of what makes the Great Lakes State so great!

Michigan is shaped like a mitten

If you’ve even looked at a map of the lower peninsula of Michigan, you’ve probably noticed that it greatly resembles the shape of a mitten. In fact, one of Michigan’s common nicknames among residents is “the Mitten.”

We use our hand as a map

Since Michigan is so conveniently shaped as a mitten, residents (or Michiganders) tend to use their hand as a map when describing where a city or town is located. It’s an easy way to give a visual idea of where…

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Detroit Restaurant Week is back after a two-year hiatus, from February 22 to March 3. This highly anticipated culinary event features the top restaurants in the city, offering special prix-fixe dinner deals at $39 and $29. Diners can indulge in a range of delectable options, with each restaurant providing a unique three-course dinner, including vegetarian options.

While reservations are highly recommended, they are not required. Experience the finest cuisine in Detroit during this limited-time event, and savor the diverse flavors of the city.


Andiamo Italia Riverfront 

Providing spectacular views of the Canadian skyline and the Detroit River, Andiamo Italian restaurants are highly regarded in Metro Detroit with over 30 years of…

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February is a wonderful time to visit Michigan, with a wide range of fun and exciting activities available for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a resident looking for something to do during the long winter months, or a visitor seeking a new and unique experience, Michigan has plenty to offer during the winter months. From winter sports and outdoor adventures, to cultural events and dining experiences, there is truly something for everyone in Michigan during this time of year. So, grab your coat and get ready to explore all the wonderful things this state has to offer!

Eben Ice Caves 

The Eben Ice Caves are a popular tourist attraction located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the 4,000 acre Rock River Canyon Wilderness of the Hiawatha…

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As you approach your dream home, you can feel your excitement and anticipation growing. But before you fall in love at first sight, it's crucial to take a step back and thoroughly evaluate the property. The fast-paced real estate markets of the past few years may have left little room for due diligence, but with the slowdown in 2023, it's now possible to take a closer look before making a commitment. 

Just as in any relationship, it's important to watch for red flags and potential pitfalls that could lead to heartache and financial loss. In this article, we'll guide you through the most important aspects of a property, from the most affordable to the most expensive, and equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

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Novi, Michigan is a foodie paradise with diverse dining options for all tastes. From upscale restaurants to casual eateries, there's something for everyone. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner, family gathering, or night out with friends, Novi boasts an abundance of excellent dining options, including contemporary American cuisine and international flavors. Here are our top picks when it comes to heading out for a delicious dinner.


Maisano’s Italian Restaurant 

Maziano’s is a premier Italian restaurant in Novi, known for its rich history and exceptional dining experience. Founded over 40 years ago by Frank Maziano, the restaurant started as a Town Club pop store reminiscent of classic soda shops from the past. In 1979, Frank’s…

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Warren Buffet once said that “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” Years ago, Forbes put out a great article regarding things that home buyers need to know before making a purchase. While they have yet to follow up on the publication, the market has certainly changed and we feel it is important to keep the public educated on best practices when entering the buyer’s market. 

Hire a Trusted Realtor

It is extremely important to work with a trusted real estate agent when buying a home. While a seller’s agent will prioritize the interests of the seller, it is crucial for the buyer to have their own representation in the transaction. A trusted realtor can provide valuable guidance and help the buyer navigate the process while ensuring…

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