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When moving to a major city, it is easy to fall for the idea that all neighborhoods in the city are exorbitantly expensive. Media like TV shows and movies often portray urban cities like there isn't room for affordable living, but that just isn't true—especially in Detroit.

You do not have to live outside of Detroit in order to find affordable neighborhoods. In fact, we have found and listed five of the most affordable neighborhoods to buy homes in Detroit below. From the convenience of getting to downtown and low monthly payments on your mortgage, you simply cannot go wrong living in one of these great Detroit neighborhoods.

Eliza Howell

Eliza Howell Amenities

  • Eliza Howell Park
  • Proximity to downtown Detroit
  • Proximity to the…

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Best Lakes in Troy

Michigan is known as "The Great Lakes State," so it's no surprise that boating, fishing, and enjoying the water are favored activities here. The city of Troy is no exception, and while it takes a bit of a drive to get to either of the closest Great Lakes, there are fortunately several smaller options much closer. Some lakes are even within Troy's city limits. Keep reading to discover the six best lakes near Troy, Michigan, to spend the day doing fun outdoor activities.

Sylvan Glen Lake

Sylvan Glen Lake Amenities

  • 16 acres
  • Shore fishing
  • Largemouth bass
  • Bluegill
  • Black crappie
  • Spotted bass
  • Pumpkinseed

Sylvan Glen Lake is in the park that bears its name in north-central Troy. There is a dirt road and a small dirt…

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Moving to Novi, MI Living Guide

Living in Novi, MI

Widely regarded as one of the best Detroit suburbs, the Novi community is a beautiful city in Oakland County with an estimated population of 60,000 residents. It's conveniently located near Downtown Detroit and is among the fastest-growing cities in the Great Lake State.

Characterized by spectacular malls like Twelve Oaks, top auto manufacturers, excellent institutions, and adventure-filled recreational centers like Paradise Park, Novi is a great place to live.

Thinking of moving here? Here's a relocation guide covering the cost of living, job market, where to eat, and even alternative routes to use to access this beautiful Michigan suburb. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about moving to Novi.


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Popular Home Builders in Troy

Home Builders in Troy, MI: Troy's Most Popular Home Builders Guide

Troy, MI, has a population of about 88,000 and is the most populous city in Oakland County, MI. Approximately six miles north of Detroit, this suburb is growing quickly, and new construction is popping up everywhere to help service the new population of people moving to Troy.

Troy is an affordable city, ranking fourth on Money's list in 2018. The city is growing; those hoping to build a home in Troy or to remodel or add to an existing home will find many qualified builders from which to choose. Here is a list of some of the most popular home builders in Troy.

Captivating Homes and Remodeling

Captivating Homes and Remodeling is a general contracting firm that builds new…

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Moving to Troy, MI Living Guide

Living in Troy, MI

Located in Oakland County, Troy real estate makes up a large town of 87,000 people. It's a northern suburb of Detroit, just about six miles from the Downtown Detroit area. An important business and shopping destination, Troy, Michigan, offers a desirable lifestyle for those hoping to buy luxury homes, live in beautiful Midtown Square Condos, or Troy townhomes. It's recognized for its park system, love of sports, and restaurant scene. With a range of neighborhoods and amenities, Troy may be the ideal place to buy for many people. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before moving to Troy.

Table of Contents

  • How Much Does It Cost to Live in Troy?
  • What Are the Best Jobs in Troy?
    • Popular Industries in…

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Public Transportation in Troy

Knowing that you can walk out the front door of your home, grab a cup of coffee from the corner cafe, and take a bus or train to work or school can be a huge factor when deciding to move to Troy. Improvements in public transportation in Troy and other Detroit suburbs have led to steady increases in ridership. Often, riders will use a combination of buses, trains, rideshares, and other options to get to and from their destinations. These options, used together, can help new residents of Troy real estate get wherever they need to go.


The Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) was first established back in 1967 as SEMTA. SMART provides service in Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland Counties. Troy is served by fixed SMART…

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There has been talk of a bubble burst or real estate crash in 2022 for some time now, however most people may not realize that it takes multiple things to happen in order to flip the real estate market upside down. 



The Real Estate Market has been extremely strong these past 2 years, with home values soaring like never before. So how did we get where we are today? And what will happen in 2022?

First, when COVID hit the Fed dropped interest rates in order to make it more affordable for businesses to build and expand, and in turn stimulate the economy. In doing so, mortgage rates also fell to an all-time low. This brought a surge of buyers to the market trying to capitalize on these rates.

At the same time that buyers were flooding…

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Detroit Most Walkable Suburbs

Detroit is well known as a busy industrial area, so many people are pleasantly surprised to hear the city has several highly walkable suburbs. Whether someone is considering moving to Detroit or just visiting, knowing ahead of time when they're less likely to need a vehicle when leaving their Detroit home is essential. The following most walkable suburbs are near Detroit, Michigan, and here's what residents will find in each community.


Clawson Amenities

  • Large city park and a second, smaller park
  • Clawson Stadium
  • Community center with robust programs

Clawson is a beautiful neighborhood and suburb of Detroit located just west of I-75. It has a population of over 12,000 residents and sits in the Southern corner of…

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Detroit Fun Facts

Detroit is famous for many iconic images, from Ford Motor Company to Eminem. However, there's more to this city than its measurements in miles and being home to international motor vehicle companies. Residents can easily walk from their Detroit homes straight into historic areas. Some long-time residents don't know all of the bits of history covered in this unique guide about the lesser-known side of the Motor City. Read on to discover some fun facts about Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit Was the Final Stop in the Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad played a significant part in helping to free slaves from the south between 1800 to 1865. This secret network of aid allowed slaves to receive financial, spiritual, and material aid from various…

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Moving to Northville, MI Living Guide

Living in Northville, MI

Located within Oakland and Wayne Counties, the Northville community is one of the most beloved Metro Detroit suburbs. The city has a distinctly suburban feel with plenty of green space to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

The city encompasses many area parks and even local museums that feature art and the area's history. Plus, residents have many choices if they are interested in higher education. For food lovers, Northville has a variety of restaurants to choose from and offers nightlife options for anyone looking for a fun night in the town. For shopping opportunities, there are many retailers within Downtown Northville and the surrounding area.

This is NOT your typical guide to Northville. In addition to helpful…

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