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How can home prices be rising so rapidly when we have such a high unemployment rate?


The Case-Schiller Index, which tracks home values, recently reported that home values went up by a record amount in September 2020—the highest rate of appreciation for any month in the last 20 years! Much of that has to do with low interest rates, which caused buyers to flock to the market and eat up the already limited inventory. If you’re thinking about selling a property anytime within the next six months, now is a good time to meet with us to make sure that you’re maximizing your home’s value and marketing it to the right buyers.

At 1:44 in the video above, you’ll see a chart that compares unemployment levels to the weekly earnings by industry. The…

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Will interest rates stay low, or should you act now before they rise again?


In 2020, buyers got a big boost in the housing market as mortgage rates dropped throughout the year. According to Freddie Mac, rates hit all-time lows 12 times this year, dipping below 3% for the first time ever while making buying a home more and more attractive as the year progressed (See graph below):

 When you continually hear how rates are hitting record lows, you may be wondering: Are they going to keep falling? Should I wait until they get even lower? The challenge with waiting is that you can easily miss this optimal window of time and then end up paying more in the long run. Last week, mortgage rates ticked up slightly.

While rates are still lower…

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Best Lakes in Detroit

Michigan is known for its Great Lakes, but it's home to more than 11,000 different inland lakes spread across its two peninsulas. While in Michigan, it's impossible to be more than six miles from a body of water. Michigan, and specifically Detroit, has some amazing lakes around it to visit and explore. If you live in the area or are thinking of visiting or moving to Detroit anytime soon, remember to set aside time to see some of the best lakes near Detroit—whether it's for fishing, boating, or just relaxing on the shores and taking in the beautiful views.

The following are five of the best lakes near Detroit that are worth visiting when in the area.

Lake Huron

Lake Huron Parks

  • Lake Huron Roadside Park
  • Lighthouse Park
  • Fort…

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Best Golf Courses in Detroit

The state of Michigan is home to over 650 public golf courses designed by some of the world's best golf architects. Fortunately for Detroit residents, some of Michigan's best golf courses are less than an hour away in Detroit's surrounding suburbs. With long summer days, it is easy to get out and enjoy a couple extra rounds. Some golf courses even stay open year-round due to Michigan's habit of warming up enough for the snow to melt, so passionate golfers can sometimes even play in January. Let's tee up and learn more about the best golf courses near Detroit.

Northville Hills Golf Club

Arnold Palmer is one of the most famous golfers in the sport's history. He designed many Arnold Palmer Signature Design golf courses in his lifetime, and this…

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