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Detroit Cost of Living Guide

Detroit is a community that is known by many names to many people. The city's most well-known name is the Motor City, gained after it became the home of the United States automotive industry. Music lovers may know Detroit as Motown, which became popular after Motown Records popularized the style of Detroit music. In the golden age of the Red Wings, Detroit also took on the name Hockey Town. A more recent campaign dubbed Detroit as "The D," and these are still just some of the different nicknames Detroit has collected over the decades. No matter what you call it, modern Detroit is many things to many people. Most importantly, more than 600,000 people call the city home.

Compared to other major cities, Detroit has a very low cost of living. Detroit's…

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Moving to Detroit Relocation Guide

Detroit has a number of amenities that can make for a great experience. The community has an excellent entertainment scene with many great sports and theater options. It is also fairly easy to find inexpensive neighborhoods for people on a budget. Like many major cities in the US, Detroit sits near a body of water. The Detroit river is visible from downtown, and downtown Windsor, Ontario is visible across it. Residents can even visit Canada easily, if they have a passport.

This community embraces a wide variety of tastes and backgrounds, so everyone can find something they love. Here is everything you should know about relocating to the Motor City.

Table of Contents

  • Cost of Living in Detroit
  • Detroit Job Market
    • Largest Employers…

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What Borrowers Should Know Before Getting a Conventional MortgageWhen it comes to researching mortgage options, hopeful home buyers are bound to run into a number of terms that are unfamiliar to them. From ARMs to FHAs to DTIs, the list of mortgage categories and criteria can quickly start to blend together. As buyers explore the many options available, it's not always clear what the right choice is. Learn more about how conventional loans work and what every home buyer should know about them before they finance a property.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage or home loan professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Conventional Loans Are Not Backed by the Government

USDA, FHA, VA: these loans are all guaranteed by the government. If a homeowner…

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In 2020, our fall market will be much like past spring markets.



Fall is definitely the new spring market, as you’ll learn in our upcoming webinar on Saturday, September 12. We’ve seen the spring season extended and then extended again thanks to extremely low interest rates. It’s a fantastic time to get your home on the market and get it sold for top dollar.

The Google search terms “Sell my home,” “Sell my home fast,” and “I need to get out of my home” are being searched at a rate 46% higher than they were just six months ago. This means there is a ton of inventory about to come on the market, and we need to dig in to see when the best time to list yours is. I think inventory will double, and it might even double again. This could…

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High-ROI Home ImprovementsWhen you've lived in a house for a while, it's natural to want to improve it and make your life there better. Some home improvement projects can get expensive, however, and if you're planning to sell your house, some projects might lower the return of investment. How can you improve your ROI instead? Here are five home improvement projects to consider.

Repaint Your Walls

While not the most dramatic home improvement a homeowner can make, adding a new coat of paint to the walls will make the whole house feel fresher and look more appealing. Matte, neutral colors in high-traffic areas of the home like the living room and kitchen flatter the space, especially when done by a professional with top-quality paint. Consider hiring a professional painter…

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When Should Homeowners Hire a Contractor?Some home repairs are best left to the professionals. When safety is at risk, or when the job is just too easy to complete incorrectly, it is usually best to hire a contractor. Other jobs are easy for homeowners to complete and will ultimately save them money by doing so. Knowing the difference between these two types of repairs, and being able to identify them before getting started, can help homeowners take care of their home.

Best Home Repairs to DIY

The best home repairs are those that pose no safety risk, require no specialized training, and are unlikely to create lasting damage to the home if the homeowner does the project incorrectly. Some good examples include:

  • Hanging curtains
  • Replacing toilet parts
  • Repairing drywall

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