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Top 10 Cider Mills in Metro Detroit!

Franklin Cider MillParmenters Cider MillBlakes Cider MillErwins OrchardsYates Cider MillPlymouth OrchardsRochester Cider MillWiards OrchardsWestview OrchardsPaint Creek Cider Mill

Can you smell it?! Fall is upon us, whether we want it to be or not.  I’m proud to say I’m a native metro-Detroiter, and as such can say with confidence we have some of the absolute best cider mills in the world.  Period. (I have a lot of pride where I live).  

Every Mill on this list I have amazing family memories going back to when I was 6-7 years old, some of which may or may not include pushing my little little sister into the Rouge River that runs alongside the Franklin cider mill.  Not saying it happened, just that it’s possible. Besides, it was a simpler time, before we knew the Rouge River wasn’t clean.  

Sipping a cup of hot cider or cold apple slush along with a freshly baked maple or cinnamon donuts is the definition of a perfect weekend, I can smell it sitting at my computer. In recent years, many of the cider mills here have upgraded themselves to become the fusion of age-old traditions and contemporary expectations to ensure the visitors have an all-inclusive recreational experience.

People living in the state of Michigan are well aware of the fun-filled experience offered by Cider Mills dotted across the region. After all, who wants to miss out on the pre-Thanksgiving tradition of having that hot cup of cider along with caramel apple? Here, we have listed some of the top Cider Mills in Metro Detroit area where you can visit with your loved ones to enjoy a farm-fresh culinary experience along with a range of farm activities.

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Franklin Cider MillParmenters Cider MillBlakes Cider MillErwins Orchards Cider Mill South Lyon Homes for SaleYates Cider MillPlymouth Orchards & Cider Mill Michael Perna Real EstateRochester Cider Mill Michael Perna Wiards Orchards & Country Fair Real Estate Westview Orchards Homes for SalePaint Creek Cider Mill The Perna Team

Franklin Cider Mill

Address: 745 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

Ok, THIS Cider Mill was my family go to when we wanted a great Cider Mill and we wanted that Cider Mill next to a river and of course (per my mother) walking distance to the largest Mackenzie-Child store in Metro Detroit.  I don’t know if the store is still there (though their style is widely loved, it’s a little too Tim Burton for me).  

Franklin is known widely for its fresh and unbelievably delicious donuts, Franklin Cider Mill was established in the year 1937. As their tagline suggests, Franklin Cider Mill is indeed a ‘family tradition’ with families in and around Metro Detroit Area visiting it for generations. It is a cider mill that has maintained its traditional and charming appeal even after so many years. 

Starting from how they make their donuts to the cider slush to cool you down during a warm fall day, the preparation style and recipes have been untouched for decades. It is a nostalgic experience for people who have been visiting Franklin Cider Mill with their parents and now visiting the same as a parent. Many of the delicious recipes they dish out are made in front of the visitors and are a joy to watch.  While here check out the “Wheel Room”. You’ll know it when you see it. 

Franklin Cider Mill is among the most sophisticated Metro Detroit Cider Mills as well. It is spread through a large area that is scenic and picturesque.  On any given day there are professional photographers that make the trek from all over Michigan to this specific mill for the beauty and how the Franklin Cider Mill is nestled in the hill and surrounding woods.   

Michael Perna The Perna Team Real Estate

Just outside the main barn in an in-house open market as well drawing local handmade crafts and natural foods.. Many of the visitors claim the open market here has an authentic Birmingham shopping vibe that is certainly going to leave a lasting impression. 

The Market at the Franklin Cider Mill Michael Perna Homes for Sale in Franklin MI

Some of the well-known autumn treats available here are flowers, Hickory Farms meats, syrups, apples, apple cider vinegar, fresh-cut flowers, donuts, and more.  Loving the hot foods myself I picked up a few peppered jams, and a ghost pepper cheese.

Go For: Great Cider, doughnuts and pushing little sisters into the Rouge River

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Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill

Address: 714 Baseline Road, Northville, MI 48167 

Parmenters Website

Northville’s Best and Worst kept secret, it’s only one block off of 8 mile, and is both hard to find and can’t be missed.  On my way to or from my Novi office, this is my go to Cider Mill. I love it’s open on weekdays and everyone loves when I bring cider and doughnuts from here to the office.  I can’t imagine how many unfortunate people drive up and down 8 mile road every day and never know it’s there. Northvill-ians definitely do.  

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It is one of the most beautiful cider mills in the Metro Detroit region, starting from its artsy red barn exterior to tastefully decorated interiors, the aesthetic beauty of Parmenter’s Cider Mill remains undisputed till date. It was founded in the year 1873 and rebuilt in the year 1978 after the original structure got damaged in a fire breakout earlier season. 

This one is unique to our list as the family purchased the Northville Winery in 2006 and later added an on site brewery in 2014.  One of the most popular happy hour activities are on site wine tastings and beer sampling at the Northville Winery & Brewing Co., right across their parking lot.

The spiced donuts available at Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill are to die for and go well with the Northville Winery (added in 2006) and their very own microbrewery that opened in 2014 available here. One of the add-ons with the fall delicacies and range of activities offered at Parmenter’s is their live music. 

Go For: Cider and Doughnuts, Caramel Apple Bowls & quick fixes

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Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill

Address: 17985 Armada Center Road, Armada, MI 48005

Blake's Website

THIS PLACE HAS IT ALL: Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill has more fun activities for visitors than pretty much any other cider mills around Metro Detroit.  Just typing this I’m planning my next 5 trips here (it will take that many to get it all in).  

Looking for Zombie Paintball Safari?  Check

Spooky Corn Maze?  Check 

3 Story Haunted Barn?  Check 

Apple Picking?  Check

Cut your own Christmas Tree?  Check this box too!  

Looking for a 5k fun Run?  It’s here!

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For adults, kids, or kids that are adult age, Blake’s Cider Mill will certainly not disappoint. The vision of Blake’s Cider Mill has expanded well beyond just producing fresh cider in recent years. It has been focusing on establishing itself as one of the top recreational destinations during the fall season. 

Blake’s Cider Mill is one of the more contemporary cider mills and isn’t as traditional as others. It aims to cater to the needs of the visitors and doesn’t shy away from offering modern treats like popcorn, pretzels, pizzas, and corn dogs to the visitors. It has become one of the most visited cider mills in recent times due to the ever growing range of activities on offer, especially their famous three-story haunted barn house. 

Visitors to Blake’s Cider Mill can also indulge in their 500-acre spread apple orchards, cornfield mazes, haunted hayrides, U-cut apples, U-cut pumpkins, and more. For adults, Blake’s Ciderhouse and Winery located in the same address offers seven different kinds of wines for sampling and purchase. Moreover, there are six different flavors of hard ciders on offer made from Blake’s farm-fresh fruits.

Zombie Paintball Safari Homes for Sale in Rochester Hills

Go For: The Zombie Paintball Safari! 


Erwin Orchards 

Address: 61475 Silver Lake Road, South Lyon, MI 48178

Erwin Orchards Website

For families with kids, Erwin Orchards and Cider Mill spread over 200 acres land is a must-visit. Established over a century ago, it is not only one of the largest cider mills in the region but also one of the most entertaining, especially for its young guests. It’s “Trike Trail” is a massive attraction for the kids and they offer some of the most delicious flavored fruit ciders and donuts.  Speaking of donuts, they have 5 kinds.  5 KINDS! Apple spice plain, apple spice cinnamon sugar, pumpkin glaze, pumpkin sprinkle, and salted caramel.  Pumpkin sprinkle and salted caramel are my fav's.  Drop a comment below with yours

Erwins Beehive

There are tons of activities, including: U-pick Apples, U pick raspberries, pumpkins.  A corn maze, pony rides, hay maze, trike trail, bouncing inflatables, goat pen (featuring Nigerian dwarf goats), petting zoo with a llama and lambs, a HUGE sunflower garden and more. For the kids in us adults?  Paintball target practice

The cider here is among the sweetest you will taste among the ciders offered by other mills in the region. The sizes of the donuts here are unusually large and taste delicious. The visitors have the opportunity to see an operational beehive and watch the cider being pressed live to learn more about their cider-making process.

Erwins Apple picking

The Erwin’s Cider Mill’s management organizes educational tours for the schools and large groups, including for the families and companies.  Need a barn for a family party? Call Erwins, they have a barn for your event (at quite a reasonable price might I add)

Go For: Picking 847 kinds of apples! (that number is an approximate)

Yates Cider Mill

Address: 1990 E Avon Road, Rochester Hills, MI 48307 

Yates Cider Mill Website

If you are going on a date, visit Yates. Voted the most romantic cider mill in the Metro Detroit Area, Yates Cider Mill offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors. Established in the 1860s, Yates Cider Mill is situated on the banks of the Clinton River. It adds to the beauty of the cider mill that is known to attract a huge crowd on weekends and weekdays alike. 

Franklin Cider Mill and Yates Cider Mill are two of the oldest cider mills in Metro Detroit Area. Both these cider mills are not the largest in terms of area in comparison to other cider mills in the Metro Detroit region. However, they have created their unique place in the cider industry through traditions, culture, age-old recipes, and incomparable hospitality. 

River Walk Yates Cider Mill

Great for the Young Ones.  Yates Cider Mill doesn’t boast of too many new fangled recreational activities like some of the other cider mills.  This mill was started during the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, and they like to keep the feel like it still is. The activities they offer are engaging and entertaining, especially for the new humans through elementary school.n Feeding goats and watching a variety of fudge made live at their famous Fudge Shop and the on-site petting zoo are just a few things that will cause your kids to laugh with delight. Don’t forget to buy freshly picked apples from Apple Tent located right beside the Fudge Shop. 

After you have all your goodies, there’s a ½ mile River Walk along the Clinton River that’s not to be missed.

Yates Cider Mill is one of the most popular cider mills in the region and is also featured in the listing of “Fall Favorites” by Food Network. The best part is that Yates Cider Mill is open till days before Christmas. If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life or looking to buy an investment property, buying a home near Yates Cider Mill is a lucrative option. 

Go for: The Lazy River Walk


Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill

Address: 10685 Warren Road, Plymouth, MI 48170

Plymouth Orchards Website

Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill opened in the year 1977. It is relatively young compared to other older cider mills in the region. It has won many awards in the cider industry in the past few years for maintaining high standards in terms of experience it offers to the visitors and quality of its products. It won the prestigious “Stanley Cup” at the annual Michigan Apple Cider Contest, which is commendable considering it is a relatively young cider mill compared to other contestants in the contest. 

Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill spans through a vast area of over 100-acres. The kids can indulge in many activities here, including wagon rides, corn maze, hay maze, petting zoo, picnic area, and more. The farm market here offers many farm-fresh fruits, including apples, pumpkins, yellow raspberries, red raspberries, and more, grown in-house at Plymouth’s orchards.

Plymouth Orchards Cider Mill

The pecan, cherry, pumpkin and apple pies, as well as flavored donuts available at Plymouth Cider Mills, are to die for. One of the amenities that separate Plymouth Orchard and Cider Mills from its historic counterparts is its expansive indoor space. Even though Plymouth is relatively young in the cider business, it has been able to hold its ground firmly and continues to grow in popularity, amenities offered, and its product portfolio.

Go For:  The Pecan Pie, the Red Shed Market and the Live Music


Rochester Cider Mill

Address: 5125 N Rochester Road, Rochester, MI 48306

Rochester Cider Mill Website

There are a few Rochester mills in the Metro Detroit area, so don’t confuse Rochester Cider Mill with it. Founded over 150 years ago, Rochester Cider Mill continues to produce its unpasteurized cider the same way it used to till date. It takes pride in its cider produce and rightly so. Rochester’s Ciders are unique and people from across the country flock in during the fall to taste the variety of traditionally pressed flavored ciders offered. 

Rochester Cider Mill

The donuts offered at Rochester Cider Mill would leave you mesmerized as it has its distinctive taste, thanks to their age-old secret recipe. The blueberry and maple donuts sell out fast, so plan your trip to Rochester Cider Mill during early hours. Rochester Cider Mill offers a relaxed cider farm experience where the kids have plenty of open space to stroll around and play while the parents settle in comfortable indoor/outdoor seating available here. 

The homey environment and friendly staff offer guests a warm and memorable experience that leaves a sweet after-taste in their memories. It is what has made this cider mill one of the most visited cider mills in the region. The pies, donuts, fruits, and ciders available at Rochester are reasonably priced and won’t put a dent in your weekend budget. 

Go For: The Apple Crisp and the 10 kinds of Doughnuts! 


Wiard’s Orchards and County Fair & Cider Mill

Address: 5565 Merritt Road, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Wiards Orchards Website

One of the oldest and most popular cider mills in the Metro Detroit area is Wiard’s Orchards and Cider Mill that opened over 177 years ago. It features a miniature golf course and six haunted attractions, which are particularly popular among the kids during Halloween. They have a variety of baked goods, pies, apples, donuts, and more on offer. The frozen pies available here can be taken home as well by the guests. 

One of the primary reasons why it is popular among the kids is because of it doubling up as a thrill park. Wiard’s Cider Mill hosts several haunted attractions, including The Asylum, Alien Caged Clowns, The Mined Shaft, Hayride of the Lost, Ultimate Haunted Barn and the Labyrinth. The Wiard’s Orchard and Cider Mill organizes customized picnics and events for the clients, including for the families and companies. 

Wiards Orchards Cider Mill

The County Store and Bakery at Wiard’s is where the magic happens as you can choose from a variety of delicacies to have and take home, including ciders, apple salsas, baked pies, donuts, honey, fruit jams, and freshly picked fruits. Wiard’s offer an authentic yet contemporary cider mill experience to its guests, and it is the reason why it is packed on weekends.

Go For: Night Terrors!  6 Haunted Events!


Westview Orchards and Cider Mill 

Address: 65075 Van Dyke, Washington Township, MI 48095


Westview Orchards Website

All you can carry pumpkins.  Yep you heard that right. Stop by September 28th and 29th for this one, and check their site for any of the other 14 events going on this fall!  The U-pickers would have an extensive experience picking a variety of apples at Westview Orchards, including types such as Gala, Macintosh and Ginger Gold. The guests can also U-pick a variety of vegetables here, including cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, green beans, and summer squash. 

The Farm Market at Westview Orchard offers many different varieties of flavored ciders, vegetables, fruits, pies, and baked goods. It boasts of a bakery, Modern Cider Mill, and Schoolhouse Ice Cream and Sweet Shoppe. Shopping at its bakery is on the to-do list of almost all the guests visiting Westview, especially their signature fruit flip and maple donuts. 

How Cider is Made

The Westview Orchards and Cider Mill are open throughout the year, but the experience it offers during the fall is unbelievable. The acres of Orchard lands are open for on-foot exploration during the fall, which is not an option during the rest of the year. The footfall is enormous during the weekends, so if you are planning to visit Westview, weekdays offer a more relaxing experience. 

They offer different packages for families and companies events and checking with them before the visit would help you plan your trip in a personalized manner. School tours, group tours, company events, family picnics, adventure tours, and more, can be organized by the management at Westview on request. 

One of the features at Westview that has surprisingly become popular and a visiting factor for many of the guests is its modern and clean restroom facilities, which is hard to come by in a countryside farm and vintage cider mills. 

Go For: For the Love of Pie! October 19th & 20th


Paint Creek Cider Mill 

Address: 4480 Orion Road, Rochester, MI 48306

Paint Creek Cider Mill Website

Located on the picturesque Paint Creek Trail, the Paint Creek Cider Mill is touted as the best pit stop on the trail. The culinary experience offered at its full-service restaurant with its extensive menu is surreal. Not only does it provide the authentic cider mill items like donuts, pies, and flavored ciders, but also wraps, pizzas, sandwiches, ice creams, hot dogs, and salads. The Paint Creek Cider Mill operated for long just as a restaurant before it was converted into a Cider Mill. It is currently operated jointly by Paint Creek Trailways Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission for Oakland Township. 

Paint Creek Cider Mill

One of the reasons why the restaurant was converted into a full-fledged cider mill was its beautiful location. The restaurant at Paint Creek has been popular along the Paint Creek Trail for years, and its cider, donuts, pies, and baked goods are worth every penny. In all honesty, Paint Creek Cider Mill doesn’t offer the most authentic cider mill experience, and neither boasts of it. However, it does make up for it by being the worthy pit stop on the paint creek trail for a quick cider fix or a delicious lunch. 

The building, restaurant, and the grounds are well-managed, and they are in the process of adding some innovative activities for kids this fall. The restaurant management here experiments with the fresh produce to add something exciting and creative to their menu from time to time to delight the guests.

Go For: Home Made Ice Cream and a Walk on the Paint Creek Trail!

Alright All, that's a wrap!  For all you Michiganders like me, hopefully this list brings back memories.  Of an earlier day, a simpler time.  For all my readers new to Michigan I definitely encourage those that are just starting out and those well on their way to stop by any or all.  

There are a ton of other Cider Mills we didn't cover.  What did we miss?  What are your favorites?  What are some favorite memories?  For anyone finding a new Mill on (or off this list) Leave a line with feedback!

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